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Before going to details of Diamondback Overdrive 29er review, let's talk about some basics of entry-level mountain biking.

Mountain biking is surely an enjoyable and fulfilling activity during the weekends or days off. It is a fun activity that unleashes the challenger in you through the rough, rocky and muddy terrains.

If you are very new, stop worrying about safety because we are going to review an entry-level mountain bike that you can choose without spending too much and there will be no worries about your safety.

diamondback overdrive 29er

  Quick Details

Rating: 4.5 (5)

Speed: 24 (3X8) Shimano

Frame: Aluminum

Frame Size: 16, 18,20 & 22 Inches

Suspension: Single/Front

Color: Black

Wheel Size: 29 Inch

Brake Type: Mechanical Disc

In entry-level mountain biking, it’s essential to have a solid and highly reliable bike. Since, a low quality bike would waste your leisure time and money.

Incredibly, this bike is safe, smooth and reliable even on tough terrains with its fork suspension.

Things to Consider Before Buying

You must have a dependable mountain bike to ride. This Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike might be a good option specially if you are an entry level biker. What if you chose a poor mountain bike? That's why you need to know the necessary thing to purchase the right mountain bike within your budget. Here are such key things you should consider -

Solid Body Parts 

Choosing a solid withstand on the rough terrain is essential for buying a mountain bike whose parts are made with quality and durability.

Adjustable Frame

Frame size also plays a vital role to make your ride easy and perfectly adjustable, because if you pick the wrong size, it can compromise your ease as well as your protection.


How much you need to spend

If you are an entry-level MTB biker, you shouldn’t spend a large amount. For this one, you will get a qualified bike with your affordable budget without worrying much about quality.

For more details about mountain bike buying, you can read mountain bike buyers guide.

Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike

Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike is built with a tough and lightweight aluminum-alloy frame and SR Suntour suspension fork to guarantee a suave and fulfilling ride.

This mountain bike has specially designed butted tubes to make it tough and lightweight at the same time.  A quality rear drop out with fungible derailleur hanger is structured to strengthen it and strong enough to prevent you from damage. It’s head tube offer you precision while steering.

Diamondback overdrive 29er full image

Staunch 8-speed Shimano drivetrain and a tektro mechanical disc braking system provide a quick and powerful stop. 29-inch large wheels allow a swift ride and easy roll over holes and a remarkable traction, especially on uphill trails.

Also, this mountain bike comes almost completely assembled, so it would just require minor assembly work and tune-ups for start riding.

Compare to other leading entry-level mountain bikes, this Diamondback mountain bike is one of the best. Though it is relatively expensive compare to others, it guarantees a sound ride.

Feature And Benefits

Lightweight But Tough Frame

This mountain bike is built with a lightweight but tough aluminum alloy frame. Also, its custom butted tubes add the strength and make it lightweight. Therefore, it is reliable and easy to ride on trails.

Quality Shimano 8-speed Drivetrain

This mountain bike is made with 3 Shimano 8-speed drivetrain to offer you a smooth and hassle-free experience in every ride. You can increase speed up to 24.

Reliable Rear Dropout

This bike has a reliable rear dropout made with changeable derailleur hanger which make it more secure and safe.

Precision Made Head Tube

It has a head tube that is smartly formed to offer steering precision and ease.


Exquisite Overall Built

The bike has a timeless black finish with touches of yellow in the wheel set which makes it overall built exquisite sporty at the same time.

Large 29-inch Wheel

The large 29-inch wheels offer a faster ride and an easy roll on holes with an incredible traction ability. Whether you go uphill or downhill,  bike’s wheels provide you great control and reliable grip on the ground.

Powerful Disc Braking System

Disc Brakes

It is built with tektro mechanical disc braking system. This braking system offers a powerful and quick stop, especially at urgent situations when there is a need for you to do such.

Pro & Cons


  • Made with the quality and reliable parts
  • Great for all users with different height
  • Not much assembly work required
  • Affordable choice for an entry-level biker


  • Not ideal for more aggressive mountain biking
  • Pedals and saddle get damaged easily, but these can be replaced with better ones


Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Full Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Full Suspension
  • Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Suspension: Full/Dual
  • Speed: 9(1 X 9)
  • Brake: Disc
  • Wheel Size: 27.5

Diamondback Bicycles Recreational

Diamondback Bicycles Recreational
  • Frame Material:  Steel
  • Suspension: Front/Fork
  • Speed: 21(3 X 9)
  • Brake: Pull
  • Wheel Size: 27.5

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is this mountain bike available in different sizes?

Yes, it is available in small(SM), medium(MD), large(LG) and extra-large(XL) depending on your height measurement.

What is the weight of this mountain bike?

Around 50 lbs.

Is the bike’s fork have lockout feature?


Does this bikes rear wheel have quick release feature?

Yes, this bike’s rear wheel has a quick release feature.

Final words

It’s a great and fulfilling choice for an entry-level bike based on safety, features, and budget from my personal experience since I have checked it before I bought this bike for my son.

Start Mountain Biking Now!

Purchase Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike and make your weekend memorable with awesome natural sights those are simply unreachable with a car.

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