Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike

Now, you are going to start reading the Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike Review. So, let's start. You may need a mountain bike. Granted, many people would say they want a mountain bike but if you regularly hit the trail, you need a bike that can last. Careful to choose a right MTB

You also need one that is able to make bumpy roads and long-distance travel more comfortable on your bottom side. After all, it is hard to concentrate on enjoying the ride if you hurt.

diamondback sorrento mountain bike review

Quick Details

Rating: 3.8(5)

Speed: 21 (3 X 7)

Frame Size: 16, 18, 20, 22 Inch

Suspension: Full/Dual

Frame Element:  Aluminum

Color: Black

Wheel Size: 27.5 Inch

Brake Type: Linear Pull

With all the choices available, it can be confusing deciding which bike is best for you personally. This review of the Diamondback Sorrento mountain bike may help narrow your choices considerably.

Why do you purchase this mountain bike?

Any hardtail mountain bike review will encourage you to buy whatever bike is being offered, but you need to consider various things about that particular bike before you look into buying it. This bike was created for those who don't have a great deal of money to spend on a good bike.

The bike is designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of body sizes while offering an affordable alternative to the more expensive bikes that have many of the same features.

When deciding on a bike, consider things such as:

  • How much money do you have to spend?
  • Is it easy to find a mountain bike that is comfortable for your size and shape?
  • Do you ride on a variety of terrains or mainly one? Of the terrains you do explore, how important is it to have wide tires and a suspension that will make small obstacles a non-issue?

Answering these questions will help you determine whether or not a certain bike will fit your needs. This mountain bike offers a reasonable price, many frame options and tires and suspension to help increase riding comfort. So, this diamondback sorrento mountain bike review starts guiding you from now.

Buyer's Guide

Introducing The Diamondback Sorrento Hardtail Mountain Bike

The makers of this bike listened to what consumers were looking for and have added a feature that is missing in many mountain bikes, a variety of frame sizes. People are created differently, whether they have long arms and shorter legs, a slightly heavier-than-average girth or legs that never seem to end.

Finding one bike that offers all these body types a comfortable option is difficult. The Sorrento manufacturers didn't want this to be an issue.

They also made this bike rugged enough to take the pounding expected of a mountain bike. The double-rimmed tires and sturdy frame are created to withstand at the bumps and obstacles that often slow a rider down.

Features & Benefits

The Diamondback Sorrento has several features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Frame and Suspension Fork 

The frame of this bike is aluminum, which helps make it easier to handle than heavier bikes. Don't let that fool you, however. Every frame has been heat-treated to make it strong. The frame is built for two main purposes.

The first is to handle the abuse of the roughest paths. The second is to make it strong enough to support a greater rider weight without bending or warping. The suspension fork is created so you can navigate over small stones to sticks and still remain comfortable. The bumps that often create discomfort in riders are gentled in this bike.

Frame Size Options 

Here again, this bike stands out. With five frame sizes to choose from, any body type is bound to find the exact fit they are seeking. A good ride has the rider and bike performing as one unit and a good fit is necessary for this to happen.

You won't spend an hour on the road and end up feeling like your arms have been stretched too far or that your legs didn't have enough room to work as they should. A comfortable fit is necessary for an enjoyable ride and the choice of frame sizes makes that fit possible.

Gears, Wheels and Rims 

The trigger-shift gear mechanism makes choosing the best of the seven-speeds easy. You won't have to slow unnecessarily to give the gears time to catch up to your commands. The tires are 26" and they work together with the rims in order to make the ride smoother.

The double-rim design is created to stay strong in less-than-ideal circumstances. This bike was created so that the rims and tires work as a unit, not making the work of either more difficult.

Pros and Cons

Every product has both good and bad points. In a nutshell, this bike's Pros & Cons


  • High-quality features at a fair price
  • Five frame sizes to choose from
  • Responsive gear-shifting for smooth ride


  • Uncomfortable seat that many prefer replacing
  • Brakes wear out quickly
  • The pedals are slipping off


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is this bike brand trustworthy?

Yes, Diamondback is one of the most popular brands in the bike industry. They manufacture almost every type of bike for wide range of biking needs. Besides, their customer support is satisfactory. So, you can purchase without any hesitation.

Will this mountain bike fit my size?

Yes, there are four frame size options. Just, you have to choose your perfect suit as per your height (General sizing: XS=5'-5'3", S=5'3"-5'6", M=5'6"-5'9", L=5'9"-6', XL=6'-6'4"). For more details about the right fit of mountain bike, read our buyers guide.

Do I need to spend much time to assemble this bike?

Yes, you have to spend some time for start ride. It comes with 85% assembled, you need to do some assembling work. Don't worry, if you are not comfortable with this part, you can go to near by bike shop.

Final Words

This mountain bike offers many advantages over many other bikes in the price range, and even over some higher-priced models.

While it isn't perfect, as with the suggestion of buying a different seat, it is a good choice for those who are seeking their first mountain bike and those who have found many other mountain bikes do not fit their needs regarding being comfortable due to size or shape restrictions. 

Check out the Diamondback Sorrento and see if it doesn't meet everything you are seeking in a mountain bike.

Start Mountain Bike Now!

 Regardless of whether you are seeking to enter the mountain biking adventure or you've spent hundreds of miles exploring trails, you will find this bike is a refreshing option over many other bikes out there.

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