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Who doesn't like to get a gift? If there is a special occasion like Halloween, New Year or Christmas, our happiness will be doubled with a surprise gift. In fact, many other holidays await in the whole year; And you might be searching online for suitable gifts for mountain bikers.

gifts for mountain biker

If you want to surprise your biker friend with something special but you feel like you’re out of ideas, don’t worry – we got your back. We’ve compiled a list of gifts for mountain bikers, so just kick back, relax, and take your pick.


Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

You may be wondering how you can surprise your friend with a gift. Here are some ideas. MTB mugs, t-shirts, and water bottles are the best gifts for mountain bikers. Let's take a dive in each gift item. 

Gift Ideas 1: MTB Mugs

Mugs are always a good choice. They’re plain, simple, and they’re bound to remind your buddy of you whenever they’re preparing their coffee or tea in the morning. 

The best Christmas gifts for cyclists are mugs with an inside joke, but we recommend these mugs if you’re out of ideas.

Mountain Biking Mug

gifts for mountain bikers

As plain as it gets, this mountain biking mug might be a perfect gift. Especially so if your friend is a coffee lover who likes things with minimal design. 

There’s a funny sign which will, hopefully, remind your friend of the holiday you gifted this mug to him (or her). It reads “Sometimes I wonder if my bike is thinking of me too”.

It’s very cheap, so consider it if you don’t have too much money but still want to make a good impression.

Enjoy The Ride Mug

best mtb mug

Plain and simple, the “Enjoy the Ride” mug is an excellent gift idea. This is a ceramic mug with a beautiful bike graphic which your friend will love. 

It’s also one of Amazon’s choices in the “cyclist gifts for men” department. You’ll get a coordinated themed gift box as a complementary feature. In a nutshell, it’s cheap and it looks great.

Gift ideas 2: Water Bottle

Just like mugs, water bottles are a good idea if you want something simple for your biker friend. The upside is that mtb water bottles aren’t expensive and bikers use them pretty often.

Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle

gifts for mountain bikers

Here’s the kicker. This is a plain water bottle for mountain bikers, as well as for plain commuting bikers. The good thing is that it comes available in 24 different color variations.

Most of them are relatively plain, such as black, orange, green, and so on, but there are also some exotic prints. For example Bermuda deep, Fuchsia Pop, Ocean Quarts, and such.

water bottle for mountain biker

This water bottle is very practical and stylish, but it’s also well suited for bikers who simply need to cool off after a rough day of riding around.

Oh, on another hand, it’s coated with stainless steel, so your friend will be able to use it at least until the next holiday season. That is certainly a big plus it’s available at a bargain price.

Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

best water bottle for mountain bikers

This particular model does not come in as many color variations as our previous pick, but you’ll notice that it looks absolutely staggering. Any mountain biker with this bottle will have an appearance of someone who means business. If you think your friend fits the description, this would be a perfect gift.

On the downside, it’s a couple of bucks more expensive than a simple but modern summit water bottle, but you’ll also get a free “Hydration for Athletes” guide book. In fact, this is a 2-in-1 gift which will most certainly be to your biker friend’s liking.

SLS3 Bike Water Bottle

best water bottle for mountain bikers

Cheap and exceptionally easy to use, the SLS3 bike water bottle is intended for hardcore bikers. It’s squeezable, features a classy design, and packs a stainless steel powder coating which promises a lot in terms of durability.

If you’ve opted for a water bottle as a gift, this one is as good as our previous two picks, only that it’s a bit more practical – for bikers that actually want to drink some water from a convenient, practical bottle.

gift ideas 3: MTB t-Shirt

If mugs and water bottles aren’t something your friend needs, it’s safe to say that a T-shirt is always appropriate. We’ve picked out a couple of MTB T-shirts for you, so browse away.

Life Is Good Mountain Bike Woods Crusher Tee

best mtb t-shirts

We’re still within the sphere of gifts with minimal design, and that’s precisely what “Life is good” T shirt is.

A plain, gray shirt with a nostalgic logo, that’s all there is to it. This shirt is made of a mixture of cotton and polyester materials, and it’s also garment washed, providing additional softness.

The downside is that it comes in gray color only, but the big plus is that it comes at a very cheap price.

Men’s Life Behind Bars MTB T-Shirt

gifts for mountain bikers

If you’re well acquainted with mountain bike brands, you must have heard about “Life Behind Bars”. Of course, we’re not talking about convicted felons and inmates.

We’re talking about one of the geniuses who’ve invented a funny metaphorical name and who sell top-shelf biking clothing and gear.

This T shirt comes in eight color variations, and it features a stylish “life behind bars” logo. It stands right atop a bike graphic. It’s cheaper than most gift recommendations we’ve covered so far, and it’s a must have if your friend loves the brand.

Indigo Legend Mountain Bike T Shirt

indigo legend mountain bike t-shirt

Indigo Legend’s T shirt is available in three color variations, as well as in long-sleeve option. The latter is absolutely perfect for the cold season.

It’s slightly more expensive than a “Life behind bars” shirt, but it’s made of more comfortable and durable materials.

It looks absolutely fantastic, and the reason why it’s a perfect gift is because it provides everything a biker needs from a clothing piece – comfort, sturdiness, and a beautiful outward appearance.

Gift ideas 4: Bike Tools

Regardless of how careful they are, most bikers end up in a pickle every now and then. Having a set of reliable tools might just be what your biker friend needs. Check out what we’ve picked out for you.

Sierra Cycle Co 12-in-1 Multi Tool

gifts for mountain bikers

A “multi tool” is basically a versatile contraption which will come in handy in any number of technical situations.

This particular model features a chain breaker, a spoke wrench, a hex key, several screwdrivers, and a Torx wrench. It’s also very lightweight and it can get you out of a pickle, regardless of what situation you’re in.

Oh, on another note, it’s not expensive at all, which is just one of the many reasons why we consider it as a perfect gift for mountain bikers.

Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool V19

mtb tools for gift

Next up is another omnitool. Now, you really don’t have to be an expert to pick a good tool for a mountain biker. 

This particular model features nineteen bike tools, including seven hex keys, a chain breaker, several spoke wrenches, two open wrenches, two Philips screwdrivers, a flat key, a Torx key, and two non-slip sidebar grips.

So why is this omnitool better than the previous one? It includes a glueless puncture bundle and an easy carry case, completely free! 

The only real downside is that this “gift” is more of a “bundle”. It’s not exactly compact, and you’ll have a harder time gift-wrapping it.

Gift Ideas 5: MTB Books

You simply can’t go wrong if you gift a book, regardless of the situation. Not to mention that MTB books are not exactly as famous as the Harry Potter series, for example but books can be the best gifts for mountain bikers without any doubt.

For bikers who’d like to get a different angle on the whole thing, one of these books might be a good read. 

Zinn & the art of Mountain Bike Maintenance

Art of mountain bike maintenance

Maintenance is often as important as the real deal itself. And that’s the reason why we’re recommending to you Zinn & the art of mountain bike maintenance as a gift idea.

Actually, this book is perfect even if your biker friend is well acquainted with the whole maintenance process. There’s always room for improvement, and this book covers everything from basic maintenance skills to heavy-duty repairs.

Just like every gift idea we’ve recommended to you so far, the “art of mountain bike maintenance” is available at a very approachable price.

Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs

best mountain biking books

This might not be the most conventional gift you intend to give to your friend, but the “Epic Cycling Climbs” will definitely make a huge impression.

Basically, this book tells us a story of some of the most challenging heights and climbs a mountain biker could dare to face.

And even though it costs just a little bit more than you’d like, you can rest assured that your friend will absolutely love it.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

best mountain biking books

You might think of this book as a “beginner’s guide to mountain biking”, but it’s actually much more than that. This will be the best gift for mountain bikers who are very passionate about this sport.

It was written by a world-champion in bike racing, Brian Lopes, who gave a thorough explanation regarding both basic and advanced mountain bike riding skills. For example, the skills you'll improve are downhill racing, cross country riding, fat biking, pump-track racing, and more.

The book is fairly cheap, and it’s one of the best selling mountain bike riding guides available for the money. Your friend will appreciate the knowledge these pages offer, that’s guaranteed.

Final Words

Picking out a gift for our friends is the moment when we can really show how much they mean to us. The gifts for mountain bikers, we’re recommending to you aren’t anything too special, but they’re creative enough to get you started.

If you’re up for it, you can take some of our picks and further customize it with your own touch. In any case, we wish you and your biker buddies a happy holiday season.


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